Home Birth

Home Birth

Some choose to give birth at their own home. In some contries, it is still the norm to have baby at home, unless there are complications.

Advantage of Home birth:

  • Statistics show that planned home birth attended by Certified Nurse-Midwife is as safe as hospital birth for low-risk women with adequate prenatal care. Studies show that the risk of infection is reduced for both the mother and the baby.
  • At home a woman can labor and birth in the privacy and comfort of the familiar surroundings of her own home, surrounded by loved-ones. in whatever positions and attire she finds most comfortable.
  • Care-givers are invited guests in the birthing woman's home. She can have anyone she desires present: family, friends, children, etc. She doesn't have to worry about when to go to the hospital since her care-providers come to her.
  • The cost of a home birth may be less than a hospital birth, and is covered by some insurance.

Disadvantage of Home Birth:

  • Cesarean Section and forceps deliveries are unavailable - transportation to the hospital is necessary if these interventions are required. 
  • Client's must assume a greater level of responsibility for their own health: physical, mental and spiritual. This requires active ongoing participation in decision making in all aspects of their care, and a willingness to accept the consequences of those choices and decisions.
  • The cost of a home birth may not be covered by the client's insurance.
  • Analgesics are not readily available with a home birth

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